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The Honey Badger

The Honey Badger is a trendy bistro in the heart of Cape Town with big wooden windows to the street allowing you to feel the pulse of the city and its peaceful rhythm. Serving locally sourced (where we can) produce, fresh and seasonal cuisine we aim to provide you with an incomparable experience. No detail is too small, and this is ably illustrated in everything from the bespoke, designed décor to the hand selected Deluxe barista brewed coffee. Its relaxed atmosphere invites you to linger long after your meal. The Honey Badger is a great way to spend the night!

The ingredients are sourced locally and organically as far as possible, and the menu changes according to season and the creative inspiration of our team of chefs.

We live by the motto "Food Without Pretences" - Back-to-basics, delicious food, artisan beer and selected wines in a relaxed atmosphere. At The Honey Badger we believe the simplest recipe can be an enjoyment of excellent food with attention to detail, passion and dedicated attitude. Our vision is founded on enjoying food as a fundamental quality of life, at times provocative but always aimed at preserving the purity of the original flavour.

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So whether you're looking for somewhere to have breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a drink, The Honey Badger is the place you want to be.


Would you like to book our entire venue, or just a few tables? The Honey Badger is a unique venue for any occasion. Ideal for celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas Parties, Theme Parties and Wedding Receptions.

If you're in Cape Town for a conference or corporate event, we can look after your conference group with lunch, dinner or a cocktail party booking.

After visiting the all the sights and sounds of Cape Town relax at The Honey Badger over a meal and a few drinks and let us look after you. Our events planning team will be able to assist with additional requirements like entertainment, décor, wine, speakers, and all the other little details that go into making your event spectacular.

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